Looking Back at High School

Dear Readers,

High school….was high school. For some of us it was the best time of our lives. Some of us will often look back and be unable to keep a smile from creeping up on our faces from all the nostalgia of our friends, football games, parties, and teachers we have come to realize had made such an amazing impact on our lives. For others….well, not so much on the first three things mentioned. And sadly enough, I would have to admit that high school was a rather bittersweet experience for me.

As I glance back on memory lane, I see some good things that have positively impacted my life: the few friends I still am in contact with to this day…and the usual other stuff that everyone thinks about when they think of their happy high school days.

However, there are always a few things I wish I could change. Of course, time isn’t reversible. But as I reflect back, I think about the advice I would give to anyone about to go to high school/in high school to better their experience (in my opinion). Here it goes:

  1. Be Polite.

High school is the definition of social stratification. Clique formations are engraved in the experience and for the time being, nothing has been done to rid the system of it. While there are many unspoken social rules that will make people gravitate towards certain people and not towards others for whatever reason, I wish I had been nicer to everyone. I wish that I was open to talking to all the people in my class, regardless of their “social status.”

2. Never Let Anyone Put You Down

Bullying is a problem. And although it’s good to be patient every once in a while, no one deserves to suffer. Most people shy away from telling someone because they’re weak. But know that no one deserves to be put down regardless. Don’t ever hesitate to let someone know and most importantly, never be a bystander.

3. Always take on new opportunities

If you want to join a club, just do it. I always noticed how self conscious everyone around me was. People were in constant need of someone at their side, even just to get up and sharpen their pencil. Never let the fear of being alone get to you. Think of it as an opportunity to grow as a person and even meet new people. When employing #1, this will happen. I guarantee it.

4. Volunteer Because You Want To

High school was all about impressing your potential colleges. It was about stacking in a million hours on your transcript so Harvard would think of you as a philanthropist and give you an acceptance letter immediately. People would mindlessly sign up at any event to volunteer not because they genuinely wanted to, but because they had to. While volunteering everywhere is amazing, try volunteering mostly at places that you are interested in. It’s going to make time fly a lot quicker, and it’s going to make you grow as a person. Everyone has something they’re passionate about. And volunteerism can make you realize what moves you and what you are passionate about in the world.

Until my next blog post,

AZ ;)

Dr. Zee’s Foodie Adventures: 5 Star Burger

Dear Readers,

You may have come to notice a distinct pattern in my blog posts these days. Perhaps it’s due to my new apartment lifestyle, or the fact that I’ve made it a priority to explore my surroundings and try out new places here in STL. Especially restaurants. Regardless, going to a bunch of restaurants that I otherwise wouldn’t have known about had I not had a car has been quite the adventure. Yesterday, after trying to cope with the rather short weekend that I had, a few friends and I decided to head to 5 Star Burger, a major chain (from what I believe) that’s known for its high quality meat that’s organic, etc. (organic was the only word I retained from the kind waitress who took our order).

Anyhow, as taking pictures has been quite a hassle for me (since I ate my food before I could even think of taking a picture of it), I thought I would definitely give a review on what I thought of the place. However, I have taken photos from my good ole’ friend Google Images, which should do just the trick.

5 Star Burger, located in Clayton is definitely a friendly environment when you walk in. The waiters and waitresses are very kind and are open to any questions and concerns that customers have. When I got there, one of my friends and I ordered the 5 Star Burger (it’s an angus burger from what was written on the menu). Another ordered the Magic Mushroom, which was sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, and Swiss cheese. It definitely looked delish and I definitely intend on having it at my next visit (which, given how much I loved it, will be very soon.) We also ordered a combination of regular and sweet potato fries. For dessert, some of us ordered milkshakes. I got an ice cream shooter for only one buck. While I assumed it would be a spoon of ice cream beautifully placed in a shot glass, it was actually a small scoop of ice cream in a cone! Either way, it was still delish and definitely the bang for the buck.

Over all, I would rate their burgers 3.75 out of 5 stars. While it wasn’t the best burger I’ve ever had, it was definitely worth the drive. The service only made it better, since they were incredibly kind and quick with getting us our order.

Take a look at the pics below and definitely give it a try sometime!

Until my next blog post,

AZ ;)

5 Star Burgers - Saint Louis, MO, United States

5 Star Burgers - Saint Louis, MO, United States. German chocolate shake !!!!

5 Star Burgers - Saint Louis, MO, United States. .Mushroom Burger, oh my.

5 Star Burgers - Saint Louis, MO, United States. Natural Angus Burger with Pepper Jack Cheese

Volunteering At My First Health Fair

(Dear Readers,)

The air felt crisp and ice cold as I hurried out of my car and adjusted my screen as I slightly struggled to find my way through Google Maps. The walk wasn’t too bad, I told myself. I would make it to the plaza in roughly 7 minutes, I read on my screen. Not too far, but I still wasn’t a fan of the walk from the parking lot to the center. But on the bright side of things, I had made it this far, so this was progress, I thought. I gave myself a mental pat on the back for at least getting myself out of bed and making myself look presentable because today, of all days, I decided to don a white coat with professional attire. Where was I, you may ask? Why, just casually out and about in the major city part of STL, donning a white coat amidst rather cold weather that had me questioning my decision to not bring a coat, thinking that my white coat alone would keep me feeling toasty and insulated. (Needless to say, our white coats, despite being as awesome and fancy they are, cannot be mistaken for an electric blanket).

Driving out alone since the decision was last minute was another fact I decided to recognize myself for. And to make it better,  I had made it a special priority to doll myself up on a Saturday morning to volunteer at a health fair through SnPha (not what I do a normal basis for anyone who knows me very well). And so, today, I thought, I actually took a risk and made it my mission to drive to a center on a Saturday morning and volunteer for a good cause. And I’m sure glad I did.

I had utilized the learned art of street-crossing and watching out for the pedestrian sign to pop up on the cross walk as I awkwardly hurried to cross the street in my white coat. I had gotten some interesting stares, many of which showed interest. Seeing an individual running down a major street in a white coat was not exactly something people usually sighted from what I could tell.

As I made my way closer to my end destination, I saw many individuals walking out of the center, wearing their Sunday best outfits. I had started to doubt whether I had come to the right place. Where were my people in white coats, I asked myself. I began to have a mental panic attack, and even went out of my way to ask an officer if he knew where the so-called health fair was. When he didn’t know, I walked inside to ask and was given a blank stare. Did I mix up directions? I referred back to the email I was given and sure enough, I was at the right place.

But have no fear, because surely enough, a fellow SnPha member came to my rescue and led me to the hall where our health fair booth was set up. A small booth at the right end of the convention for a major church, our health fair booth/stand had been offering people free blood glucose screenings, blood pressure readings, and had even offered people information on Stroke awareness, CKD, and so on and so forth. While I have never had any major clinical experience before, it was definitely a learning experience. My only regret was not taking any pictures to show you how our booth was set up. But alas, when reporting my experience in future health fairs, I will definitely remember to do so next time.

Anyhow, I was able to meet fellow fellow pharmacists and other student pharmacists like myself. It was humbling to be able to interact with patients and to be an informational resource to them about their health conditions, which they took very seriously. It was eye opening for me to know that people were very open to their pharmacists; medications like Lisinopril and Atorvastatin (just to name a few) stuck out to me. Until now, I had only filled them on rotations without a second thought. But seeing how these people were actively taking these medications and had to modify their usage of medications based on possible interactions finally became a reality that I saw a lot more clearly. The level of interest and trust people had in what I (being just a “rookie” pharmacy student) made me realize how much more responsibility I have as a health care professional in helping people maintain their well being.

The patients I got to see ranged from all over the demographic spectrum. I was able to check a little 7 year old girl’s blood pressure since she insisted that life was rather difficult at her age. I assured her that being in elementary school comes with its challenges and that I couldn’t possibly relate to her strife. ;)

Over all, being able to participate in SnPha’s health fair this weekend was a very eye opening and memorable experience. I definitely took away many learning points from my time volunteering that day and I definitely intend on volunteering at more health fairs (from SnPha and other organizations) in the future. If you have not done so, definitely check out SnPha as a potential club that you may want to join!

PS: I didn’t get paid to add the last line of this blog post! :P

Until my next blog post,


What is Spoken Word?

Dear Readers,

For anyone who knows me at least somewhat well, he/she would know that one of my notorious hobbies (besides sitting by myself and writing short stories/blog posts) is watching spoken word poetry. While I have performed once (and did quite “meh” on my performance), watching spoken word videos on YouTube.

But what is spoken word, you may ask? Yes, there is speaking involved as indicated by the description. However, I like to think of spoken word as a song without a tune or music. It’s like a monologue that you can make into whatever you want. No rhymes are necessary. All you need is your voice. And that’s what makes it absolutely awesome.

I’m currently looking to go to a poetry club (shocker that I haven’t been to one yet) sometime. But in the meantime, here are some really cool spoken word videos you should check out! :)

  1. Sarah Kay “If I Should Have a Daughter” –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0snNB1yS3IE
  2. Osama Siddique “Patience” –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pd6xFNgBTg4
  3. Unknown Author “I Will Never Forget –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3z–YE3ki34
  4. Jesse Parent “To The Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter” –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcIwZ1Dth0c
  5. Sabrina Banaim “Explaining my Depression to My Mother” –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqu4ezLQEUA
  6. Fong Tran “Problem With What’s Taught In School” –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6ZyW_twrhU
  7. Dylan Garity “Rigged Game” –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bo3KFUzyMUI
  8. Suli Breaks “I Will Not Let An Exam Score Determine My Fate” –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-eVF_G_p-Y
  9. Anies Omari “Money or Happiness” –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5FLNFliWYI
  10. Sadiyah Bashir (Unknown Title) –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHSAyfJ4oM0

Have fun watching the videos! Let me know what you think in the comments! :)


Dr Zee Eats: 7 EASY Treats

Dear Readers,

Enough of the million paragraphs I’ve been writing for who knows how long? I say I post a bunch of pics and links to super easy Fall treats (healthy and non-healthy) that will get you excited for the possibly bipolar and cold weather that’s coming to us soon. And yes, I do mean easy. For me, “easy” follows three things:

a) not too many ingredients,

b) not too much time (one must study, of course)

c) and absolutely delicious.


  1. Candy Corn Pretzel Hugs (all you need are three ingredients and an oven!)

*I’ve tried making this treat with M&M’s instead but I’m really excited to try this with candy corn! :P

Candy Corn Pretzel Hugs


2. Greek Yogurt Berry Granola Bites (berries, granola, and greek yogurt….plus a cupcake tray with liners)

berry bite


3. Brownie Bowls (all you need is brownie mix, ice cream, toppings, and two cupcake trays)brownie bowl


4. S’mores on a (Pretzel) Stick

(the picture wouldn’t upload on this blog post, but the link is below!

All you will need is: marshmellows, pretzel sticks, chocolate, and graham cracker bits


5. Oreo Truffles (three ingredients only: oreos, cream cheese, and melted chocolate) Oreo Truffles


6. Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars (materials: peanut butter, chocolate chips, and powdered sugar)

Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars


7. 3 Ingredient Healthy Muffin

healthy muffin

Ingredients: old fashioned oats, milk, and bananas