Who is Dr Zee in 19? 35 Random Facts About Yours Truly

Dear Readers,

For months, and even almost a year now, I’ve sought to do a post like this. And out of my infamous writer’s block that has manifested itself since my second semester of freshman year (so over 1.5 years ago from this day), I’ve decided to keep my promises and do a post about 100 random things about me. Thus, insuring you that there is indeed more to me than my blog and pharmacy school. Anyway, here it goes;:

100 Random Things About Me:

  1.  As far as my ethnicity is concerned, I’m Indian. Both of my parents are from Mother India and as far as I know, with the exception of my great great ancestors from who-knows-where, so is the rest of my family. (Race was the second thing about myself that I could think of. Plus, many people have asked me out of curiosity anyway. I assume it’s because of my name/last name sounding absolutely nothing close to Patel. (A huge shoutout to all of the Patels at STLCOP) :)

2.  Except for a few friends, many people don’t know how obsessed with makeup I am, despite how I never dress up at school (I love my sleep too much to get up even a minute earlier than I have to), I love doing makeup when special occasions come around and I certainly love doing my friends’ makeup. I’m not perfect at doing others’ makeup, but I wouldn’t mind getting a job at Sephora or any other makeup place to do other’s makeup and sharpen my skills in the craft. In fact, while in high school, I considered being a biochemist so I could work for my favorite makeup brands. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be able to do that one day with my pharmacy degree? And if you ever see me in Biochem watching the latest makeup tutorials instead of looking at powerpoints, well, don’t say I didn’t tell you. #Priorities

3. My favorite shows are the following: Lost (hands down), Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder (Team Shonda Rhimes for all the people who know who she is. And if you don’t, google her!), Jane the Virgin, Mistresses, and others that I clearly can’t remember right now.

4. One of my *hobbies* is running (it takes a while for me to be motivated) but after I run a good five miles, I thank myself a million times over. I’m actually attempting to successfully train this time for a 10K in Chicago in August of 2016. Emphasis on the part where I mention that I’m attempting it.

5. My favorite colors are red or green. I can’t decide between the two. To do such a thing is blasphemy.

6. I have three siblings. I have an older sister, a younger sister, and a younger brother.

7. Current pets: I have 8 parakeets back home. My parents are looking to increase their collection. Snapchat friends, y’all know what I’m talking about. I had a cat at one point in my life, but the first one had to be returned. And the second cat I had ran away. Not surprised at all. But I’ll cherish the memories.

8. Pinterest is probably the app I use the most. And when I’m stressed, I usually try to cool off with some attempts at making Pinterest desserts.

9. Nicknames I have/had: Freeny (my close friends call me that), Hermit,  and Switz :)

10. I had glasses since I was 5 years old. I think it’s because I faked having bad vision. And believe me, if I could go back in time, I would tell my  5 year old self how stupid of an idea that was.

11. The languages I know/speak besides English: Hindi, Urdu, and a little Spanish (I used to be able to speak it really well. I actually translated for a family at one point. I even considered minoring in it at another school I was supposed to attend. Currently, I’d like to improve on my skills and remember all the Spanish I’ve forgotten.

12. I want to write a novel one day. Maybe. I don’t exactly have time now. And while I have some ideas, in the meantime, I write short stories/articles and publish them online on a blog called Coming of Faith. Check out my story Scrubbing Away Dark Skin!

13. My current jam right now is Make Me Proud by Drake. I’ve had this song on my phone for the longest time and never really listened to it until two days ago. And it’s been on repeat ever since.

14. I love listening to Acapella. It amazes me how people can imitate instruments. Which leaves me to my next random fact:

15. I CANNOT sing for my life. I can pretend. But one of my goals is to do a karaoke jam sesh with my friends at Drunken Fish. Their karaoke nights are on Monday nights. I would encourage anyone to go there for cheap sushi and a good time.

16. I like to think I created the word “Netflixing” because well, I say it all the time. If YOLO can be a word, I don’t see how Netflixing can’t be a word too.

17. I’m from Chicago, Illinois. (along with the other 50% of the STLCOP population) ;P

18. It takes me a good millennium to pick out emojis. And looking for a specific emoji is the worst because it takes me even longer to find it on my keyboard.

19. The snooze button on my alarm clock is the greatest gift that God has ever given me. Can I get a raise of hands that agree?

20. If I was to go to a concert right now, I would go to a concert by the following artists: Coldplay, One Republic, Lorde, or Timeflies. Nothing else beats that. And maybe even Beyoncé. Because she’s awesome too.

21. My favorite songs by Beyoncé would be End of Time, Countdown, Upgrade You, and Halo. And If I Was a Boy. So basically every song by her.

22. I LOVE guacamole. Anything with avacadoes, really. I’m still learning guacamole recipes, though. Not exactly perfect with that. Thank the universe for Pinterest.

23. I enjoy listening to spoken word poetry. It’s amazing and although I’ve tried doing it once, I’ve decided I’m better off listening, which I don’t mind too much.

24. When I turn 30, I want to take a “solocation” (a vacation by yourself) to someplace out of the country. I’ve decided this after watching Eat, Pray, and Love featuring Julia Roberts. (Refer to last blog post about how amazing I think she is.)

25. I’m a workaholic. I love being busy. Relaxing is fine for the first 24 hours but afterwards, I start to feel fidgety.

26. My favorite restaurants here in St. Louis would be Sameem’s (absolutely LOVE their kabobs), The Vine, and Racanelli’s Pizza.

27. The one thing I could order for DAYS from Coffee Cartel would be their Green Tea Milkshake. Although it seems like green tea and milk shakes could never mix, you will think otherwise when you try it.

28. I am 1000% addicted to chocolate. I have to be careful with myself when I buy Nutella because I may end up finishing a whole container of it within a few hours. One of the hardest things I have ever done is the 122 Day No Chocolate Challenge. No, it’s not some widespread campaign. I made it up. And I did it because I wanted to be healthier and in all honesty, it’s definitely changed my life.

29. I really want to go to Maryland. It’s random, but I’ve always wanted to go to that particular state for some reason.

30. I love going on road trips. I’ve gone on so many as a kid. I’ve driven all the way to Georgia, to New York, and back. Needless to say, it was definitely a lot of time in the car. As of now, I’ve been to about 14 states total by car.

31. Countries I’ve been to: India and the UAE.

32. Puppies and kittens are my weakness. Usually after I watch a scary movie trailer, I watch videos of kittens to make myself less scared. It’s embarrassing, I know. but don’t tell me you haven’t done that at one point.

33. I’m five feet tall and four inches. And a quarter (of an inch.) I always feel obligated to add that when I tell people my height.

34. The most scariest movie I’ve ever watched is The Ring. It’s the first scary movie I’ve watched and I still don’t have the guts to watch it again.

35. Favorite books: A Thousand Splendid Suns. I don’t read my favorite books more than twice. It’s usually because I already know what’s going to happen next.

* I  would have written 100 random facts instead, but this post is already over 1400 words in length. And no one wants to read more than 100 words. Just saying.

Until my next blog post,

-AZ :)

Call me a Third Year

Dear Readers,

‘Twas only four-ish months prior to this moment (approximately 6:59 on this Sunday evening of August 23rd of the year two thousand and fifteen)  that I was dreading finals week whilst my heart beat out of my chest at an unmeasurable rate  (I have come to the conclusion that OTC and Organic Chemistry had plotted to trip me as well as my grade point average to my academic doom that week). But alas, I had still believed that moments like those will pass and surely they did. Otherwise, I wouldn’t still be here to blog about my experiences as a 6 year pharmacy student (*cue hair flip*) , and of course, I wouldn’t be able to describe the events that unfolded at the White Coat Ceremony just this past Friday (*fixes her new polished white coat*).

So, dear readers, I thought I would announce a couple of new changes in my life and present them to you in a beautifully written list (no surprise for the readers who have kept up with this blog for the last two years):

  1. Goodbye Dorms, Hello Apartment Life!

I’ve recently moved into an apartment. After living in the dorms for the last two years, I had decided that it was indeed time for the little birdie to move out of the nest and explore the world that lies just a few hundred feet outside of campus (more like half a mile according to Google Maps). Needless to say, life has been significantly–well, different. More updates on that on future blog posts. I can’t wait to share how much I’ve learned and experienced as a result. Again, more to come in a future blog post. (As if I haven’t repeated myself enough)

2. I Got a New Coat. And It’s White And Beautiful.

A super IG worthy shot of one's new white coat is a must.

An exclusive IG worthy pic of my white coat.

As I nonchalantly explained in the previous paragraphs ever so subtly, I did get my white coat. Some wouldn’t look past it and would think to themselves “meh.” After all, anyone can get themselves a white coat off of Craig’s List.  And though I may not seem as excited as any other pharmacy student is and normally should be, I simply am still in shock that I’ve come this far. It wasn’t until I saw that coat, beautifully pinned and labeled with my name and the STLCOP crest (or what I assumed to be a crest…just a really cool logo that would convince anyone of the amazingness of STLCOP, if you ask me)  and with “student pharmacist” written underneath that I felt the actual responsibility and weight of the greatness of being a future healthcare professional. There were words that really got to me that day. As per a speech I heard by one of the amazing faculty, the white coat signified that I was not only a student, but also considered a colleague to other pharmacists. It is now that I consider myself  a part of the field, and soon, a significant part of it. While the road to 2019 will not be easy (many exams and all nighters are headed my way, I have heard), getting my white coat convinced me that I was close, and if not, at least one step closer. It still shocks me that I started this blog merely two years ago and forty-three (yes, 43!) posts later, I’m still here to report to you readers every single aspect of my life as a  pharmacy student. And while many people would thank me for writing this blog, I have no one else to thank except the readers themselves for giving me an opportunity to record my growth as a professional and an individual on a public medium. I’m hoping to look back at all of my blog posts one and marvel at how wonderful the journey was and is at the time.

3. ARB Is The New Hot Spot. For Reals.

With a new white coat in my closet, I, (along with the rest of my other classmates, faculty, and future students at STLCOP) have a new building to study. Words cannot describe how the new Academic and Research Building stands over the others. One cannot help but think “Welcome to the Future” when walking inside the new building. With all glass doors (which will require a ton of Windex) and new lecture halls and expansive and modern–and I’ve always wanted to say this–state of the art study space, I see myself even more enthusiastic to study and grow as a healthcare professional. Sure, there will be days when Physio won’t exactly be glamorous no matter where I study, but to know that Saint Louis College of Pharmacy has rose above others to construct a building that instills even more pride in students like me, I see myself having more motivation to do well knowing that these new changes are just the beginning to a new STLCOP.

4. Onto the 10K…Again.

I know, I know, I’ve been hinting at it on my blog for months. But I am human too and unfortunately training did not happen exactly as I planned. With moving into my apartment, the day that I would move in coincided with the day of the 10K itself and thus, I had to decide whether I wanted sore legs, or a new home. However, I am optimistic about running it next August of 2016 and hope that I will be even stronger than ever and hopefully meet my goals. And so, for now, I have another year to train.

5. Where Has Julia Roberts Been My Entire Life ?

During the summer I have had TONS of time to engage in the sport of Netflixing (a sport played by many individuals on earth in this day and age, I would assume). And during this time, I discovered the true amazingness of Julia Roberts. No wonder she’s a timeless beauty (#WCW…and I have no shame saying that by the way). This summer, I watched three of her best movies: Eat, Pray, and Love, My Best Friend’s Wedding, and Mona Lisa Smile. True JR fans would rebuke me for not mentioning Pretty Woman which as far as I heard, is her renowned debut movie. Until I can find it on the world wide web without having to dig into my wallet, it shall wait, unfortunately.

6. I Have Ideas…For Now.

Whilst I was shamelessly Netflixing, I also had the time to compile a few ideas and hoped to share them with you in hopes that you would be convinced that I will indeed try my hardest to blog and publish posts more often. Here are a few ideas I had up my sleeve.

-Tips for making your STLCOP experience better

-My apartment life vs. dorm life–maybe I should do a section on anything I’ve cooked? More like the struggles I have had with cooking on my own.

-Events I’ve been to/Restaurants I’ve tried

-3rd year life vs. 1st year vs. 2nd year (despite how much the program has changed)

-“Dear Freshman” Series (I had proposed this last semester but never truly had the time to write it as extensively as I wanted. A lot of my other ideas tie into it. So I’ll leave it at this one.)

Stay tuned for new updates, etc. <3

And until my next blog post,

-AZ ;)

If Only, If Only: Things You Wish You Could Put On Your Resume


Ahh, the task of writing up a resume, or better yet–a CV highlighting your every accomplishment. It’s a time to brag about all of your victories and possible goals. Your skills and talents put forth on Microsoft Word. Your sentences with many words like “experience”, “skills,”, and “expertise” being used rather often. And whilst a resume gives one the chance to display everything one is ever so proud of, we all know there’s only so much we can actually write. Because when you actually sit down to type up your resume, despite all of your what-you-assume-to-be-CV-worthy, you realize that it’s not exactly something you can write on your resume/CV simply because well, it’s not “professional.” (cue sad face). So here, dear readers, is a list dedicated to that which we will never be able to convey to our potential future employer(s):

1. Your ability to plan our older sister’s bridal shower without face to face communication (hello, it’s 2015!)

2. The rare talent of Netflix binging that only you possess–it proves how much diligence and focused you are on watching every season of Breaking Bad–I mean–your goals.

3. Your knack of obtaining a multitude of coupons as professional couponing is your finesse and practically envy worthy

4. Mastering the art of taking the perfect selfie & getting more likes on social media than Kim Kardashian

5. The ultimate record you set for taking the most Buzzfeed quizzes in a day that most could never take in their lifetime.

Until my next blog post,

AZ ;) resume

Overcoming the End-Of-Summer-Blues

Dear Readers,

The breeze of August is nearby and has already cooled your coals to their cold and grayed dust. The grass is turning quite fray and burnt from the humidity and somewhat rising temperatures of the rather bipolar weather of July. The summer wedding invitations have stopped coming and letters from your college with four figure dollar amounts written on them have already made their way to your mailbox. Sigh. Summer, as I hate to put it–is coming to its slow, dying end.

And that’s when you start to re-evaluate your summer; it’s when you start to look back at the last two months and hope to salvage at least something memorable from those months. It’s when you plan out something so you can remember something in the next few weeks afterwards when summer will indeed be over and tell yourself that Summer of 2015 was all that you hoped for it to be. It may mean working harder than a hamster on your treadmill; it may mean hanging out with your friends before you have to part your ways with them in the Fall.

Whatever it is, just know that even if it didn’t go as planned, at least you did something. You lived and breathed the last few months. You were given an opportunity to breathe in oxygen. Think about it. Often the most profound things about our lives are hidden in the subtlest of all moments. So look back and remember even the smallest things that made you happy. Perhaps you smiled at someone and made their day just a little bit better. Even if that attempt to make that DIY Pinterest dessert didn’t go as planned and looked nothing like how it was supposed to look, the time that you spent with your family/friend making that dessert–the Snapchat story/Instagram post that captured your failure was in fact a success. It was an experience that you will remember from this summer. And maybe it may also serve as a reminder to you to read all of the directions and learn how to utilize the tools in your kitchen better.

Or maybe you had set a lofty goal at the beginning of the summer to shed thirty pounds and get that beach body you always wanted. But come July, and alas, the lovehandles ye hoped to lose art still evident and bulging out more than ever. But think of all the days you spent on Netflix catching up on movies and shows that you wouldn’t get to watch in the school year. Think about all the delicious ice cream you ate. Think about those few moments when you went outside and enjoyed the weather–even if you weren’t exactly running 6.2 miles everyday like you had planned.

So if there’s at least anything that you should take away from this blog post, dear readers, it’s this: never think that you didn’t do something with your summer. Because you did. In the hundred and something days of summer, you lived and breathed–you laughed and cried. In other words, you did something. You may have not saved the world from swine flu, but you did something. And instead of focusing on all of the things you didn’t do think about all the things you did. 

Until my next blog post,


13 Types of People at the Mosque/Masjid During Ramadan

Greetings Readers,

The month of Ramadan near and it is during this month that Muslims take the opportunity to become closer to the Creator and rekindle relationships that were otherwise severed during the other months of the year among juggling school, work, and other nuances that keep us on our toes at all times. What comes with this month (which consists of a whole lot of family time) is communal daily night prayers at the mosque also known as taraweeh. It is during this month, and during these night prayers and frequent trips to the mosque that you’ll meet or even find yourself being the mentioned people below (whether you would like to admit it or not). I present to you, my dear readers, the potentially offensive, but intentionally-humorous list that I like to call “Types of People at the Mosque During Ramadan:”

*Note: this has been written out of humor. I mean no offense to anyone who vigilantly identifies himself/herself as at least one of these types below, but simply hoped to address some issues with a comical twist.*


1. “The Astrophysicist”

Every community definitely has one of these. Maybe even at least 100. “Astrophysicist” activity normally peaks towards the very beginning of the month and towards the end of the month thankfully, when the Moon Wars, as I like to call them, commence again. Usually, the Astrophysicist, one who has never owned or even held a telescope in his/her life finds it their right to takes it to Twitter (because who uses Facebook anymore, right?) to tweet his/her latest “calculated” lunar findings (usually obtained from the committee that they strongly follow). It can be rather a chore and quite a waste of time to argue with one who identifies this type, simply because they are staunch that Ramadan is indeed on so-and-so-day or even worse: that Ramadan isn’t on so-and-so day. And believe me when I say that they will do everything in their power to convince the world that they deserve the Nobel Prize for their achievement.

2. The Parking Patrol aka “The Flashlight Jedi”

Parking when there’s at least elephants of cars trying to get to the masjid is a zoo of its own. For this reason, the renowned parking patrol have taken it upon themselves to make sure to tame the night stampede of cars full of too many adults and children and make sure that people leave with all of their limbs attached. However, some people who fall under this type take it as far as erratically waving their flashlights in a way that clearly doesn’t show masjid-comers which way they should turn or park. Rather, it makes them even more confused, which causes the parking patrol people to wave their flashlights even more, further complicating the situation even more. Sigh.

3. The Aunty Who Has Never Heard Of Deodorant

It’s unfortunate to be one of this type. Perhaps these aunties have never perused through the deodorant aisle which is *surprisingly* (and conveniently) located next to other critical tools such as toothpaste, shampoo, and soap. Perhaps they thought of themselves as invincible to radiating human odor. Regardless, being stuck next to a person of this type can make taraweeh unnecessarily painful not only for your ability to concentrate on your prayers, but may sadly also cause permanent damage to your olfactory senses. There is nothing else to say that when in doubt, always remember to carry your best perfume and/or body spray and “accidentally” spritz it in the air. Or simply utilize your limbs to move to a less odorous location.

4. The NYFW-ers

It’s one thing to look presentable. It’s another thing to treat your trip to taraweeh like you’re going to New York Fashion Week: Masjid style. There’s no definitive clothing that can sum up people of this persona. Rather, when you see a NYFW-er, you’ll just know. Whether you can see him/her strutting their best through the parking lot, enough to make everyone’s heads turn, trust me, you’ll know.

5. The Front Row Dashers

There are many said benefits of praying in the front row. It’s only natural that most people are encouraged to and would prefer to pray in the front row given the many pluses. For one thing, you get the first breeze of the fan (which is usually placed there given the cramped-ness of the room) and  you avoid the possible head-rear end collision that can occasionally occur. But do not mix up one who simply wants to pray in the front row versus a FRD. A Front Row Dasher is identified as someone who will fight tooth and nail to get their spot in the beloved first row versus someone who seizes the opportunity when presented with an open spot. A true-to-nature FRD will get to the mosque at least 3 hours earlier in order to ensure their spot. Some will go as far as reserving the entire row with purses and wallets in order to accommodate their entire posse. The benefit of being a FRD is knowing who your real friends are; a true friend is one who would actually save you a spot in the front row, allowing you to reap the benefits beside them.

6. The Line Guard

I will admit, there it’s important to keep ones line straight during prayer. I am a firm believer in the heel to line protocol just like anyone else. But it’s a completely different story when someone will pay more attention to the alignment of your feet instead of concentrating on their prayer. Especially if this person is 20 actual feet over to your right and decides to notice how your heels are unknowingly 20 nanometers away from the line and decides to reprimand you before the next set of rakaat.

7. The Chitterchatters

Whilst some people come to pray, some choose to talk amongst other fellow chitterchatters in hushing tones that will cause them to be reprimanded occasionally seeing how their whispering manages to be heard by the front row. These people will usually sit in the back of the room spending their time in conversation, and tweeting/instagramming their  post-fast meal, or their experiences at  #taraweeh or depending on the day they had, might either tweet/instagram something along the lines of   #spiritual or #religious.

8. The Fan club

With every great speaker or reciter, comes the subsequent fan club. Usually a swarm of people who will keep their eyes glued to the TV screen when the said speaker comes into view. Enough said.

9. The Sing Along Aunty

Another type of persona that doesn’t take much explaining. You know, that one aunty that thinks she can recite with the sheikh, and that too, loudly. It has you questioning whether indeed, the Sing Along Aunty is leading the prayer, after all. Again, it’s best not to confront the Sing Along Aunty about her behavior. Rather, separate yourself from the problem and find another suitable location to your needs.

10. The Boogie Man/Woman

Children can only be children. They will find it difficult to sit in one place and listen to someone else without moving a muscle for a long time. The Boogieman/woman is that one man/woman that always urges children to stay out of the men’s side of the mosque and saturate every child in the woman’s side (a better choice, apparently) to be encase their children in a 4’x4′ cage when coming to taraweeh or even a better option: putting their children on a leash because four year olds running around is clearly not normal and is a serious problem.

11. The Shoe Thief

TST are people whose activity peaks at a significantly high rate towards the end of the month. It’s seemingly natural to a true shoe thief thatwhen there is a ton of people leaving the mosque, it’s only beneficial to grab any pair of shoes that seemingly fit so that they can leave faster.

12. The NASCAR driver

It’s that one person who drives their 2000 Toyota Camry like its a Ferrari. This person will attempt to drift their way into a parking spot, practically driving the Parking Patrol insane. Beware of being such a person. You might notice an “accidental” scratch on your car, or slashed tires. Just saying.

13. The Double Parked Turtle

What’s worse than being the NASCAR driver is being the one person who’s double parked and even after being told to get to your car as soon as possible, doesn’t exactly follow directions and comes 45 minutes later when everyone whom you have caused to still remain parked is ready to sign a petition to get your car (which has probably been totaled given how many people you have angered) towed. Rule of thumb: do not EVER be the double parked turtle. Ever.

Ramadan Mubarak everyone!

Until my next blog post,

-AZ ;)

And On Day Fourteen She Decided To Blog Again

It has been a fortnight since I have found my newly found and three month long freedom called Summer Break. The last fourteen days have been such that I cannot recall the dreadful week I miraculously endured called finals. After all, it was only fourteen days ago that I had made the library my living quarters, practically spent every waking moment of my life eating Panera….Bread Co. so to speak. I remember it was only two weeks ago that I was walking back and forth between my home and the library during that dreadful week. Sigh. But that was my past.

In the last few weeks, I have done the following:

1. I had the opportunity to attend a family wedding. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to say wedding week. South Asian weddings are simply not a one day festivities. Rather, they consist of a whole week of events. By the end of the week, you are sure to be exhausted. I know I am. :)

2. I have also had the chance to take a stab at cooking–a feat that I was finally able to conquer after fearing the very task itself. What did I cook, you ask? Tandoori fried shrimp. A craving for seafood with a twist of my heritage.

3. I tried reading a book. I had figured I would take a sophisticated route and read something classic and something brag-worthy–something that would enrich my college literary experience. For this reason I chose The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien. However, after reluctantly reading 30 pages, I decided I was not deemed fit to read the book and decided to happily return it back to the library where it belonged. Perhaps another book (one I have yet to find) will suit my liking.

4. I have been “training” on and off for my presumed 10K that I will presumably run in August. However, the efficacy of my training has been rather questionable–especially since every one of my training sessions has concluded with cupcake binging all thanks to the members of my household.

5. I have pledged to blog more this summer. :)

Until my next blog post,

-AZ ;)

How I Spent Singles Awareness Day

galentineI looked at myself in the mirror, hoping that my greatness would be reflected back at me. Instead, it was unfortunately the opposite. It was low self esteem, insecurity, loneliness, and negative energy that almost knocked me against the wall. But then I suddenly opened my front door, hoping to see gifts that were only intended for me. But instead I only saw carpet. The same carpet I normally see everyday. I was crushed.

February 14th is exciting for some. It’s a day when the paradoxes and rather not-so-preferable aspects of the world can be ignored for 24 hours; almost as if we live in La La Land instead of planet earth. Those who have a companion to shower them with an abundance of chocolate, roses, and attention are the ones who will spend the day in ease, with every ounce of happiness in their veins. Meanwhile, in the blogosphere where some of us don’t exactly have a special someone except for our teddy bear that we got from our grandma for our birthday ten years ago, and therefore can’t write about how exciting, happy filled, and romantic our day was–have no choice but to improvise for the sake of our blogging career. And that’s what I did.

When you’re a female and unable to find yourself a Valentine and are desperate enough to hire someone to be your secret admirer and “anonymously” send you flowers while you’re mundanely studying at Becker Library so that everyone else would think you’re loved and special to someone else, have no fear. Because that’s what Galentines are for. No, that wasn’t a typo, it was the truth typed in a ten letter word.

Due to my lack of a Valentine (or one that I could hire for the day, in my case) I still had hope that February 14th wouldn’t be spent alone. So I called up a good friend of mine and we celebrated a holiday of our own: Galentine’s Day. And surely, we weren’t the only ones. Type in “Galentine” and you’ll see thousands of pics with that hashtag on IG.

But first, let me answer a few common questions:

1. So who exactly is “Galentine” material?

Anyone fun, fantastic, and totally worth spending time with. I would assume it would be a really awesome friend that possibly shares the same tastes as you…or you could try to hang out with someone you don’t like. That’s not exactly what I would recommend seeing how awkward it would be, but as long as you both can have a good time, make them your galentine. (no rhyme intended)

2.  Is it a date, then?

Date? It can be whatever you want it to be. Call it a hangout, a non-romantic but totally entertainingly fun rendezvous that ultimately defeats the purpose of a rendezvous. Just make sure that there’s always a smile on your face and you are able to take enough pics for the whole world to see on IG.

So yes, get ready and glammed like you’re going to prom. Wash your hair, and pamper yourself for light years while jamming out to your favorite beats. Just because you don’t have anyone doesn’t mean you can’t look amazing and feel good about yourself.

3. So what did YOU do for Galentine’s Day?

First, my Galentine (aka my friend Jeanine) and I went out to a Mediterranean place called The Vine (I would totally recommend it) and got ourselves the most romantic meal ever: a gigantic plate of fries, a gigantic cheeseburger for one (me, of course), a plate of falafels, and shawarma for her. The perfect meal for two with leftovers that could last me for days. The best part, it was so good, we didn’t even have time to take pics. And that’s when you know you had a good time.

Next, we went to Hot Box Cookies (again, totally recommend) followed by a photo shoot with yours truly. :)



Until my next blog post,